10 Ways to Reuse Cardboard


Checking for Choking Hazards

This toilet paper roll could save your child's life.
This toilet paper roll could save your child's life.
Photo courtesy Alia Hoyt

Most parents don't put a price on their children's safety, which is why high-quality car seats, helmets and childproofing devices practically fly off the shelves. One safety device that doesn't cost a penny -- and is abundant in all homes with indoor plumbing -- is the cardboard tube that you find at the end of a roll of toilet paper.

Safe Kids Worldwide recommends that parents of small children use the standard 1.5-inch (3.81-centimeter) tube to determine whether a toy or object is too small for a baby or toddler to play with. If an object can fit through the tube, it can fit down a child's throat -- posing a serious choking risk.

When in doubt, parents or caregivers can use a toilet paper tube to determine if something is hazardous to a child who doesn't know any better than to put it in his or her mouth. It's a simple way to reuse cardboard and to potentially avert disaster.