Double Heart Quilt Block

Country Cupboard quilt design.
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Add a romantic touch to any quilting project with the Double Heart quilt block. Go with traditional valentine colors like red, pink, and white, or let your imagination run wild. Download the Double Heart quilt block as a PDF to print out the pattern, but enlarge the quilt block at 125%.

To make the Double Heart Quilt Block:



A: Cut 2. B: Cut 2. C: Cut 1. D: Cut 2. E: Cut 2. F: Cut 1, and cut 1 from reverse pattern (pieces include area under appliqué). G: Cut 1. H: Cut 1 (piece includes area under appliqué). I: Cut 2. J: Cut 1, and cut 1 from reverse pattern. K: Cut 2 (pieces include area under appliqué). L: Cut 1. Small heart: Fuse double-sided webbing to fabric, and cut 1 (do not add seam allowance).

©2007 Publications International, Ltd. This print combination works well with the Double Heart quilt block.



Row 1: Stitch A to B; stitch C to other side of B. Stitch B to other side of C, and stitch A to other side of B. Row 2: Stitch E to left top of F; stitch G to right side of EF; stitch reverse F to G. Stitch E to top right of F. Stitch H to bottom, and stitch a D to each side. Row 3: Stitch I to J, then stitch on K. Make 2 (1 is reverse pattern). Stitch squares together. Sew rows together in order. Stitch L to top. Fuse heart to middle of square. By hand or machine, appliqué heart using narrow blanket stitch.

©2007 Publications International, Ltd. Here is the Double Heart quilt block in another combination of fabrics.

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