Ultimate Guide to Recycled Wallpaper Crafts

Recycled Wallpaper Book Covers

There are many reasons to cover a book. Perhaps you're using the books for school and want to be able to resell them for a good price. Or you're embarrassed to be reading that saucy romance novel. It's OK -- you can cover it.

To make a wallpaper book cover, you'll need wallpaper, scissors, a butter knife or bone folder, and the book you want to cover.

If you are covering a journal or something that does not need a removable cover, the process is relatively easy and any book covering directions can be adapted to make use of wallpaper [source: Moonstiches]. Measure the paper to match the book while it is closed, spray it with adhesive glue (this comes in a can), and press it onto the book.

For a removable cover, you don't need spray adhesive. Instead, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the book and place it on the wallpaper. Measure roughly 1 inch (2.54 cm) from the top and bottom of the book and cut.
  2. With the book still on the paper, fold the top and bottom and run the butter knife along the edge to "mark" where the edges are. Remove the book and fold the wallpaper top and bottom, pushing hard with your butter knife to get sharp creases.
  3. Close the book and pull the wallpaper over the entire cover. From the opening of the book cover edges, measure out roughly 2 inches (5.08 cm) of extra material. Cut the spare paper off. Mark the edges of the book with your knife, and make sharp creases. Remove the book and fold the edges in (think of a hardcover book jacket), and rub with the butter knife.
  4. Now that the cover is ready, you can place it on the book. This will involve a little work to get it on perfectly, so don't be discouraged. Start by sliding one side of the cover into the little sleeve you've created on one side. Then open the book and work the other side of the cover into the other side. Close the book, and make adjustments based on any bumps or misfolds. Then run along the edges with your knife to get the book in place.

Now that you have a feel for working with the wallpaper, let's get fancier. Read on to learn about recycled wallpaper pocket folders.