How to Make Paper Puppets

It's showtime for these Circus Act Finger Puppets!
It's showtime for these Circus Act Finger Puppets!

Making paper puppets for kids is a fun, inexpensive paper craft that the whole family can enjoy. Using simple tools and craft supplies from around the house, your kids can create a whole cast of playtime characters.

Once your paper puppets are made, ask your kids to put on a show. Set up behind the couch or construct your own puppet theater out of a shoe box. Either way, your kids will love singing, dancing, and acting out stories with their new paper puppet friends.

These paper crafts are appropriate for children of all ages, but little ones will need adult supervision and assistance with some of the cutting and gluing. Below you'll find links to a wide variety of imaginative kids' paper crafts:

Character Collage Puppets

Construct one-of-a-kind character puppets using snippets from old magazines and catalogs.

Circus Act Finger Puppets

See how a wrapping paper tube can be transformed into the greatest show on earth.

Shoe Box Theater

Set the scene for your kids' puppet performances with this colorful shoe box theater.

Big Mouth Puppets

Turn empty pudding boxes into wacky, chatty, paper craft puppets.

Storyteller Box

Tell a story frame by frame with your own moving picture show.

Picture Puppets

Use snapshots of family and friends to create super personalized puppets.

Keep reading to see how you and your kids can make a whole slew of silly puppets using old magazines and a bit of imagination!

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