How to Make Paper Dolls

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Tube Friends are some of the paper dolls you will learn to make on the following pages.
Tube Friends are some of the paper dollsyou will learn to make on the following pages.

Once you learn how to make paper dolls for kids, you won't need to go to the store whenever you want a new toy. Learn how to make fun, colorful dolls with supplies you can find in your very own home.

Paper dolls for kids come in all shapes and sizes -- some even stand up on their own! Once you get the hang of it, you can design your own dolls and impress your friends with your new creations.


On the following pages, you will find easy-to-understand instructions for making paper dolls.

Family Paper Dolls

Surprise your family by making paper dolls that look just like them. Get directions on how to create quirky paper dolls that resemble family members.

Japanese Paper Doll

In Japan, the holiday Hina Matsuri is devoted to paper dolls. Find out how to make a traditional Japanese Paper Doll.

Paper Doll Chain

Decorate your room with a colorful Paper Doll Chain. Read about how to construct and decorate paper dolls chains of any length.

Tube Friends

These funky paper dolls are not only fun for playing around, but also function as storage for jewelry or writing utensils. Learn how to make Tube Friends.

Little Worry Dolls

Forget your troubles when you make learn how to make Little Worry Dolls. These clever dolls worry about your problems for you!

Ready to get started on our first project, Family Paper Dolls? Learn how to make paper dolls that look like the members of your family on the next page.

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