How to Make Paper Planters

You bring the paper, nature brings the plants.
You bring the paper, nature brings the plants.

Make your garden extra special and environmentally friendly by creating handmade paper planters with these paper planter crafts for kids.

But assembling the paper planter is only half the project. Once completed, kids can decide what goes in the planter. Whether the plants are real or made from your stash of craft materials, these paper crafts will brighten any room in no time.

Choose a paper planter project below to get started:

Four Seasons Tree

Most plants can't survive the winter months, but with this craft you can make a decorative paper planter that will last all year long.

Green Grass Planter

Since the grass is always greener on the other side, you can create two of these Green Grass Planter crafts -- one for each side!

Herb Garden Planter

Create a useful planter to grow your favorite herbs in. Plant your herb garden and watch it grow in this paper planter.

Mini Flowerpots

Bigger isn't always better. Paint a planter to match your flowers in this kids' craft for Mini Flowerpots.

Pinwheel Windowsill Garden

Spin your paper craft skills in the right direction with this paper planter.

Continue on to the first craft to see four seasons become one.

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