How to Make Paper Masks

Mood-Reader Mask
A mood-reader mask lets everyone know how you're feeling.
A mood-reader mask lets everyone know how you're feeling.

Let everyone know how you feel with a mood-reader mask. What's your mood? Are you feeling a little silly? A little grumpy? A little sleepy? When you hang a mood-reader face on your wall or on your door, everyone will know what kind of mood you're in.

Kids will need to ask a grown-up for help with part of this craft -- the craft knife used is best left to an adult -- but everyone will have fun creating this special mask.

What You'll Need

Paper plate, 6-3/4 inch

White card stock

Acrylic paint

Sharp pencil

Craft knife

Black permanent marker




How to Make a Mood-Reader Mask

Step 1: Follow the pattern below to draw the open space for eyes and mouth on a paper plate; draw on the cut lines. Cut out out the eyes, mouth, and cut lines with a craft knife. (The pattern also includes ideas for drawing eyes and mouths -- that comes later.)

Step 1: Cut out the eyes, mouth, and cut lines.

Step 2: Draw eyebrows and a nose on the plate using black permanent marker.

Step 3: Using scissors, cut two 11×3/4-inch strips out of white card stock, and cut each end into a point. Slide one strip into the left-side eye slit from the front to the back, and then push it up through the right-side eye slit. Repeat with the other strip for the slits beside the mouth.

Step 3: Slide the strips through the openings.

Step 4: Pull the top strip through the eye slits until just 1 inch sticks out from the left side. Using a pencil, sketch funny eyes (or copy some of our ideas). Pull the strip from the left until you see only white space in the eye area, and sketch another set of eyes; repeat until you reach the end of the strip. Make each set of eyes different. (There is room to draw four sets of eyes.) Remove the strip, and trace over the pencil lines with black marker.

Step 4: Draw the eyes and mouth on the paper strips.

Step 5 Repeat this process with the mouth strip. (There is room for six mouths on the strip.)

Step 6: Fringe the top of the plate, from the edge to the inside of the rim. Paint every other piece of fringe the color of your choice. Let dry.

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