How to Make Paper Masks

Quick, Cool Masks
You can make a cool mask -- and make it quick!
You can make a cool mask -- and make it quick!

Create a quick, cool mask from a paper plate and become your favorite superhero -- or a bird-person! Get creative and turn yourself into anything you can imagine.

It's a good idea to have an adult help to cut the eye holes or other shapes from the paper plate, but kids will love decorating the mask in a variety of different looks.

What You'll Need

Paper plate, 9 inch

Decorative items (craft feathers, faux gems, sequins, poms, etc.)

Elastic cording




Craft glue

Paper punch

How to Make Cool, Quick Masks

Step 1: Mark a line halfway down the back of a 9-inch paper plate. Position a pair of eyeglasses just below the line. Trace along the top and bottom of the glasses, and draw eye openings in the eye areas.

Step 1: Trace eyeglasses for an easy way to make eye holes.

Step 2: Sketch an outline around the plate of what you want the mask to look like. Carefully cut along the mask outline and eye openings. Glue decorative items and trim to the front of the mask; let dry.

Step 3: Make a hole with a paper punch on each side of the mask close to the edge of the plate. Cut a length of elastic cording to fit around your head, leaving at least 6 inches extra. Thread the cording through each hole, and tie off on each side.

You can add a nose or beak to any mask with a 6-3/4-inch paper plate.

Step 1: Cut the plate in half, fold one piece in half, and staple it together.

Use a smaller plate to make a nose or beak for your mask.

Step 2: Cut a 1/2-inch slit at the very top of the nose curve on the mask plate.

Step 3: Run a bead of glue in this cut, and insert the rim of the folded plate into the slit. Prop the beak/nose against something to hold it in place until the glue sets.

Become someone crazy or kind of wacky with funny-face masks. Find out how to make them on the next page.

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