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Tree Activities for Kids

Know Your State Tree

Get to know your state tree.
Get to know your state tree.
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Do you know your state tree? Every state has an official tree. In this activity, your kids will find their state tree and learn all about it.

What You'll Need:

  • Almanac or encyclopedia
  • Field guide to trees
  • Paper and pen (optional)

Get to Know Your State Tree:

Step 1: Look up your state in the list below to find out what your state tree is.


Step 2: Look up the tree in an encyclopedia or field guide to read about it. Why do you think the tree was chosen?

Step 3: If you want, you can even write a story about your state tree.

Step 4: See if you can find your state tree in nature.

List of State Trees

Alabama: Southern Pine

Alaska: Sitka spruce

Arizona: Paloverde

Arkansas: Pine

California: California Redwood

Colorado: Colorado Blue Spruce

Connecticut: White Oak

Delaware: American Holly

District of Columbia: Scarlet Oak

Florida: Sabal Palmetto Palm

Georgia: Live Oak

Hawaii: Kukui (Candlenut)

Idaho: White Pine

Illinois: White Oak

Indiana: Tulip Poplar

Iowa: Oak

Kansas: Cottonwood

Kentucky: Tulip Poplar

Louisiana: Cypress

Maine: Eastern White Pine

Maryland: White Oak

Massachusetts: American Elm

Michigan: White Pine

Minnesota: Red Pine

Mississippi: Magnolia

Missouri: Dogwood

Montana: Ponderosa Pine

Nebraska: Cottonwood

Nevada: Single-Leaf Piñon and Bristlecone Pine

New Hampshire: White Birch

New Jersey: Red Oak

New Mexico: Piñon

New York: Sugar Maple

North Carolina: Pine

North Dakota: American Elm

Ohio: Buckeye

Oklahoma: Redbud

Oregon: Douglas Fir

Pennsylvania: Hemlock

Rhode Island: Red Maple

South Carolina: Palmetto

South Dakota: Black Hills Spruce

Tennessee: Tulip Poplar

Texas: Pecan

Utah: Blue Spruce

Vermont: Sugar Maple

Virginia: Dogwood

Washington: Western Hemlock

West Virginia: Sugar Maple

Wisconsin: Sugar Maple

Wyoming: Cottonwood

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