Nature Garden Activities for Kids

Onion or Garlic Braids for Kids

Get your kids out to garden to harvest onion and garlic bulbs and make them into onion or garlic braids. This beautiful nature garden craft for kids is a great decoration for the kitchen or gift for your favorite cook!

What You'll Need:

  • Onions or garlic with tops intact
  • Newspaper
  • String

How to Make Onion or Garlic Braids:Step 1: Begin with whole, undamaged onions or garlic. If you dig them from your garden be sure to clean off as much dirt as you can. Do not cut off the tops because you will need these to braid. Step 2: Lay the onions or garlic out on newspapers in a cool, dry, sheltered place until the tops are dry.Step 3: When they are ready, take three of your onions and braid the tops together for a few inches. Step 4: Lay two more onions alongside right where the braid stops, separate their tops into the three strands you are braiding, and braid for another few inches. Step 5: Add two more onions, and keep going. When you have about two feet of onions in your braid, stop adding onions. Step 6: Braid the remainder of the tops together and tie the braid off with string. Loop the braid over onto itself and tie the loop with more string. Step 7: Hang the braid in the kitchen, preferably from a hook on the ceiling, where air will circulate around the onions.

Make a garlic braid the same way, but leave only an inch or two between the bulbs. Garlic bulbs are much smaller than onions so they can be laid closer together.

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