How to Make Educational Games

Matrix Game

The Matrix Game is a great project for you and your kids. This challenging puzzle game tests your strategic ability as well as your patience.

How to Make the Matrix Game

What You'll Need:

  • 10 x 10-inch Piece of Poster Board
  • 12 x 12-inch Piece of Poster Board
  • Ruler
  • Markers
  • Blunt Scissors

Step One: Trace the outline of the small poster board on the large poster board. Draw a line every 2 inches on the small poster board up and down and across to make a matrix of 25 squares. There should be 5 squares down each side.

Step Two: Draw a picture on the small poster board, filling up all the squares except the one in the bottom right corner. Draw a small dot in the top left corner of each square.

Step Three: Cut out the squares. Throw away the blank bottom right square. Place the squares within the outline you drew on the large poster board. Mix the squares up, but keep all the dots in the top left corner.

Step Four: Re-create your picture by rearranging the squares one space and one square at a time.

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