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Easy Outdoor Activities for Kids

Making Forts

Making forts guarantees kids a private spot to play. Try the ideas from this easy outdoor activity for kids -- and build a summer fort in a private corner of the backyard. Let the kids make their own improvements, and they'll have a place to play with their friends.

What You'll Need:

  • Building materials (cardboard boxes, discarded lumber)
  • Pruners
  • Adult help or permission
  • Safe scissors
  • Strong tape
  • Old tarp
  • Woodworking tools (optional)

Shrub Fort

Step 1: Find a gap between a large shrub and a house wall or fence.


Step 2: Get permission to use pruners to trim up the underlying branches if you need to make more space.

Step 3: Lay down an old tarp as a ground cover.

Refrigerator Box Fort

Step 1: Ask an appliance store to save you a refrigerator box. (You may have to pick the box up right away; most stores collapse their boxes immediately.)

Step 2: Turn the box on its side and cut windows in the side to make a low fort.

Step 3: If you have two or more boxes, cut them open down one seam and tape them together to form a larger fort.

Step 4: Cover the top with a cardboard roof, and cut windows and doors in the side.

Step 5: Lay down a tarp for a floor.

Wood and Cardboard Fort

Step 1: Find some old lumber, and nail it together to form a frame for your fort. (Get an adult to help.)

Step 2: Cut cardboard to fit as walls, and nail it in place.

Step 3: Lay down a tarp on the floor.

Tent Fort

Step 1: Ask to use a discarded tarp or tent for your fort.

Step 2: Set the tarp up in a secluded spot in your yard, such as behind a tree.

Step 3: To make a pup tent, sling a tarp over a rope stretched horizontally.

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