How to Make Beads

Rolled Paper Beads
Your triangles should look something like this.
Your triangles should look something like this.

These rolled paper beads are colorful and shiny -- perfect for making all kinds of necklaces and bracelets. You can coordinate your jewelry with any outfit just by choosing the right paper. Go for something designed and decorative, or find out what fun colors and patterns you can create just from the pages in a magazine.

What You'll Need:

Old magazines or other decorative paper




Craft glue

Yarn or dental floss

Spray acrylic sealer

What To Do:

Tear out two or three colorful pages from a magazine. Use a ruler to mark an inch along the long edge of a magazine page. Continue making inch marks along the page. Starting at the first 1-inch mark, cut a long triangle from the magazine page. Repeat until you have 20 to 30 triangles.

Starting with the wide end of the triangle, roll it around a pencil. Continue rolling until you reach the point of the triangle. Place a dot of glue at the point of the paper, and smooth the point down.

Roll carefully to keep your bead symmetrical.

Slide the paper bead off the pencil. Repeat until you've made 20 to 30 beads, depending on how long you want your necklace or bracelet to be.

String the beads on yarn or dental floss. Tie the ends of your necklace or bracelet together in a double knot.

You can combine colors in all sorts of ways to give your bead jewelry different looks.

Spread newspaper over your work surface, and place the beads on the newspaper. With an adult's help, spray acrylic sealer to give your beads a shiny finish.

Ever thought of making beads from sand? Women in Africa thought of this long ago. Learn how they do it -- and how you can too -- on the next page.

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