How to Make Beads

Dough Beads

You'll have fun making these dough beads.
You'll have fun making these dough beads.

You'll have all the fun you want with these dough beads -- and none of the mess that comes with mixing flour and food coloring. When finished, these dried-dough delights are perfect for making bold necklaces and bracelets.

What You'll Need:

Different colors of play dough


Tiny cookie cutters

Rolling pin

Waxed paper

String or embroidery floss

What To Do:

Roll the dough out 1/4- to 1/2-inch thick for round beads, and about 1/4-inch thick for flat shapes. Use cookie cutters to cut out flat beads.

Use a toothpick to carve small details into the beads and to make holes. Make sure the holes are equally wide at both ends and also big enough for whatever string you will use.

To make a very cool-looking marbled bead, mix two colors thoroughly, then roll out and shape as desired. (Note: Adding shapes of another color on top won't work, because they will fall apart when dry.) Let your beads dry for a day or two on waxed paper until they are hard. Then string up your colorful creations.

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