Insect Experiments

Jumpin' Snow Fleas!

Study those jumpin' snow fleas and start to get an inside view of why some animals like to jump in this insect experiment. Most insects don't like cold weather, but snow fleas love it!

What You'll Need:
  • Snow fleas
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Reference books

Have you ever been out on a winter day and seen what looked like pepper sprinkled on the snow? Have you seen that pepper start to jump up and down? If so, you've seen snow fleas.


The good news is, snow fleas aren't really fleas. But it's easy to see how they got their name, since they look like tiny fleas when they bounce around in the snow.

Snow fleas are also called springtails, and that's an even better name for them. You see, they have a tail-like feature that works like a pogo stick. You might say that springtails have a built-in ejection seat!

How to Study Jumpin' Snow Fleas:

Step 1: If you've never seen snow fleas, look for them under trees on sunny winter days. Just look for what looks like specks of pepper that are jumping up and down!

Step 2: Why do you suppose snow fleas act that way? Make a list of other creatures that jump up and down. Although these creatures share the same behavior, they may jump up and down for different reasons.

Step 3: Look up the creatures on your list in a reference book. Then make a chart of the information you find. Remember to include the type of creature, the origin, and the size, as well as the reasons behind the jumping behavior. You may even want to draw pictures to go along with your chart.

Next, insects don't have to go to church to start preying.

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