Book Crafts

Your kids will learn a lot as they make the Cultures of the World Book.
Your kids will learn a lot as they make the Cultures of the World Book.

Book crafts for kids explore techniques both old and new. For instance, the paper craft of book-binding began in the second century for the protection of old parchment manuscripts. By the Middle Ages the art of bookbinding had risen to great heights. Books were rare and precious, and many were covered with beautiful designs that were true works of art.

You can encourage a love of books by spending time with your kids to create your own works of art. Whether they're just learning their numbers or ready for a more challenging craft project, book crafts are fun, and educational too!

Below you'll find links to great book craft projects that are sure to get your kids excited about art, reading, and writing:

Amazing Folded Book

Learn how to make an accordion book with super pop-out pages.

Book of Promises

Give loved ones a special paper craft book filled with written commitments.

Cultures of the World Book

Match-Up Books

Flip through a book of mix-and-match characters created by your kids.

Mom and Me Book

Surprise Mom with a beautiful book filled with her favorite photos and messages.

One to Ten Book

Teach littles ones how to count by illustrating a fun book of numbers.

Keep reading to learn how to make your kids an amazing book or journal with colorful pop-up pages.

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