Insect Experiments

Insect experiments for kids are an excellent way to learn about the natural world. Any number of creepy crawlie bugs are outside your door, in your house, or available at the store, waiting for kids' observational skills to take root.

Entomologists study bugs for a living. Kids can pretend they are also bug experts in these insect experiments. Not only will they have fun, kids will learn a ton too.

Goldenrods with Gall insect experiment
Don't be a couch bug. Try some insect experiments!

Follow the links to explore the creepy cool world of bugs:

Be an Isopod Expert
Learn what makes roly-polies tick in this insect experiment.

Cold-Blooded Insects
In this activity, find out how temperature effects insects.

Creepy Bloodworms
A little red dye turns mealworms into creepy bloodworms.

Buggy Shape Changers
Bugs like to change shape. Watch in wonder with this experiment.

Night Crawlers
Some bugs only come out at night, here's your chance to see them.

Goldenrods with Gall
These plants have bugs growing on them! Take a look inside.

Jumpin' Snow Fleas!
Some bugs just like to jump. Study them to learn something new.

Preying on Flies
Watch the fascinating praying mantis feed in this experiment.

Warm Bugs, Cold Bugs
Observe bugs to see what kind of weather they prefer.

Buggy Decomposition
Thanks to insects, fruit will change right before you eyes.

Get ready to play around with roly-polies in the first experiment.

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