Focus on What You Have in Common
father and son playing football

If he's into football and you are, too, that's common ground to build a relationship on.


You may share genes, but it's only natural that you and your son have different interests. Even if he looks just like you, he's a completely different person. The father and son bonding time you spend together will sometimes be about you, other times it'll be about him. But the majority of your time together should be about compromise and focus on what you have in common.

So, if you were the star high school quarterback and he couldn't give a kick about sports, instead of dragging him to countless football games in the hope that he'll learn to love it, spend a weekend pursuing your mutual love of classic muscle cars at an auto show or car auction. Catching a game every now and again is fine, but neither of you is going to have a good time if there's any sort of pressure involved. Just relax and find something you both want to do.