Kid-friendly Places to Volunteer

A simple act of good service -- like picking up trash around the community -- is a great way to introduce the concept of volunteering to your kids.


Kids today are unbelievably lucky, and half the time they don't even realize it. Many have access to hundreds of toys, affordable healthcare, plenty of food and loving families. Too often, both children and grown-ups take these blessings for granted. One way to ensure that everyone is appreciative is by volunteering regularly as a family. Engaging in philanthropic activities promotes a good work ethic and sense of selflessness, and it will also allow everyone to connect in a larger and deeper way with the local community. Of course, you all might also develop new skills from activities like painting a room or cooking meals for the needy.

Fortunately, there's a volunteer opportunity out there for every family, no matter what your age or interests. Keep reading for our list of suggestions to find the right one for your group!