10 Slimming Snacks and Meals for Your Wedding Diet

Water does a body -- and a complexion -- good.
Water does a body -- and a complexion -- good.
Adam Gault/Thinkstock

Water is one of the most essential parts of our physical makeup, yet it routinely gets tossed by the wayside because we're too busy to fill our glass repeatedly, or we just don't like the taste of it.

This is an all-too-common mistake that can be fatal to the success of your pre-wedding diet. People often mistake dehydration for hunger, loading up on snacks instead of drinking the daily recommended eight glasses of water. It's easy to tweak the beverage if you find water to be underwhelming. Calorie-free mix-ins are available in virtually every flavor at your local grocery store. You can also cut lemons, limes, oranges and cucumbers into wedges and add them to your bottle for an extra burst of flavor.

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