10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Planner


How do you keep in touch with clients?

With all the decisions involved in planning a wedding, you'll need to keep in close contact with your wedding planner. Before you select a planner, ask prospective candidates how they'll communicate with you leading up to the wedding. Will they rely on e-mail, phone calls or meetings? If you like to keep things simple, e-mail may be your best option, while meetings are preferable to those who like a more personal touch.

It's also important to understand how often your wedding planner will get in touch with you. Some brides may prefer weekly updates, while others want the planner to handle as much as possible without consulting them. If you'd like the option of calling your planner whenever the urge strikes, look for one who offers unlimited communication with clients. Check the contract for any limits on the number of daily or weekly calls, and find out about extra charges if you need to contact the planner more frequently. Finally, if your planner works part-time, make sure he or she will be available at times that work with your schedule.