10 Eco-friendly Floral Arrangements


Produce Arrangements

Apples don't just keep the doctor away -- they also make for vibrant centerpieces! While we don't advise that you walk down the aisle with a stalk of asparagus, many fruits and vegetables, with their rich, jewel-toned colors, make stylish centerpieces. Fall brides can create vases and urns from hollowed-out pumpkins, then fill them with locally grown, seasonal flowers. For a sunny outdoor wedding, clear glass bowls or vases filled with whole or cut lemons, limes and oranges add some visual and fragrant zest to the affair. Savvy brides will be sure to plan ahead based on seasonal availability. The best-quality citrus is usually available in winter or early springtime, whereas berries and peaches thrive during the summer heat. Best of all, many of the fruits or veggies used in these arrangements can either be eaten (so long as no glue or other treatment has been applied) or turned into Earth-friendly compost.