10 Fun Bridal Shower Games


Bridal Bingo

Candy hearts make sweet Bingo pieces.
Candy hearts make sweet Bingo pieces.
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The beauty of bridal shower Bingo is that you can reformat it to suit the party's needs. Will many people be attending who don't know one another? Use Bingo as an icebreaker so everyone can meet and learn how they know the guest of honor. Simply create Bingo cards with phrases like "college friend," "relative," "also born in 1980" or "shares an unnatural passion for shoes." Each guest finds someone who fits the bill for the particular square and directs them to initial the spot. The first guest to fill the card wins a fabulous prize. (Scented body lotions are big at the showers we've been to.)

You can also play Bridal Bingo in the traditional way, using cards filled with wedding-related terms, rather than numbers. Prep prior to party time by filling out slips of paper with wedding lingo or trivia, such as the name of the reception hall, the bride's engagement ring cut or the location of the honeymoon. As you draw and announce each one, the players mark the square using a plain old pen or something more imaginative, such as candy hearts, which the wedding gurus at The Knot suggest.