Fashion Tips for Women in Their 40s

Accessorize with Style

Eyewear can still look stylish, not stuffy.
Eyewear can still look stylish, not stuffy.

Just because you're dressed doesn't mean you're ready to leave the house. It's often the small, final touches that take an outfit from "nice" to "wow!" A bright scarf adds punch to a dignified dark suit. Cinch in a dress with a wide belt to emphasize your femininity. Enliven a turtleneck with a chunky necklace in a contrasting color. Slip on a bracelet watch for an evening out. But don't hang the half-glasses around your neck.

If you need vision correction, don't let your eyewear date you. Have your bifocal (or trifocal) lenses mounted in up-to-date frames, and do the same with sunglasses if you can afford it. If readers are all you need, get several pairs in different styles -- serious, playful and bold -- and leave them in places you're likely to need them.

The last thing you pick up before leaving the house is your handbag. Make it a good one. You've come far enough to own the real thing.

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