How to Make Your Hair Look Thicker

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She's not sure what a bad hair day is.

As the owner of a head of stick-straight, fine hair, I've heard many a curly-haired girl wistfully wax on about how much she'd love to have my hair. Sure, stick-straight hair is a desirable trait -- unless you have it. Because, if you do, you know that it means a lifetime of bad hair days with your lifeless mane stuck flat to your head. But have no fear, my sisters in limp locks. The old days of teasing your roots and holding everything firmly in place with a blast of Aqua Net are no more. Here are some tips for making your tresses look thicker.


At-home Solutions

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Shampoos and conditioners can be helpful but don't stop there.

Many products on the market will offer your hair the little boost it needs to look full and healthy. Voluminizing shampoos, conditioners and thickening serums temporarily plump up the hair shaft, creating a fuller head of hair. But if you have fine hair, you know these products are rarely effective all by themselves. I find I get more results combining them with a good blow out to get everything in place. Get yourself a large round brush and blow dry sections of your hair around the brush for a great, full look. If you don't have the time (or patience) to stand there and do your whole head, you can also use rollers with your blow dryer and just leave them in a little longer.



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There are days when your stylist can be your best friend.
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Products can help you achieve a healthy, bouncy look, but for consistently thick tresses, it's a good idea to call in a professional. Your hairstylist may be your Anne Sullivan ("The Miracle Worker," if you were wondering) when it comes to making your limp tresses look like a lion's mane. Talk to your stylist about a cut that could add more body to your hairstyle. Fine hair tends to fare better with cuts above the shoulder because the longer your hair gets, the more it tends to look flat and scraggly. The timeless bob (or any variation of this cut) is always a good option. Layered cuts are also great for adding volume, since they make your hair look considerably thicker. And if you have a few hours and some dineros to drop, adding some hair extensions can thicken your mane in a major way.



Hair color offers a one-two punch in making your hair appear thicker. First of all, the chemicals in hair color temporarily puffs up each strand to nearly three times its usual size, automatically giving your hair a little lift. But the use of color itself can also give the illusion of thickness. If your hair is all one color, it tends to appear more flat and lifeless. Adding some visual contrast, in the form of highlights and lowlights, gives it more dimension. And if all else fails, you can always go old-school and try out a perm. The nostril-burning smell notwithstanding, a perm is a quick and easy way to add body without having to slave over hot rollers every morning. If you desire a lift, sans the curly-curls, a body wave will add some volume without making you look like Shirley Temple.


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