Denim Fit and Find Guide for No Curves

Where to Shop

Retailers are paying more attention to different cuts of jeans, including those for body types with no curves.
Retailers are paying more attention to different cuts of jeans, including those for body types with no curves.
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So, now you know what to look for when buying jeans for a straight figure. But where are you going to find them? Given how many apparel stores offer a line of denim, it can easily become an overwhelming task. Don't get stuck before you even start -- here are some places to begin your search.

There are some companies that deal almost exclusively with denim, so that's a good starting place to look for hard-to-find styles and sizes. If you're starting from scratch in terms of fit, your best bet is to try things on in the store. Once you find your fit, you can stock up online. Levi's is one of the best-known denim brands on the market, and it's also the oldest -- it's credited with producing the world's first blue jeans back in 1873. The company has retail stores across the country as well as an online shop. My True Fit is an online-only retailer, but it includes dozens of brands. Using the fit guide, which gives you options based on size, style and fit, can put you on the right track. For jeans with embellishments and interesting details, check out boutique retailers like Anthropologie. Anthropologie carries brands that are on the whimsical side of stylish, with quirky buttons and non-traditional washes that will add an extra bit of oomph to your figure.

As you begin the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans, don't get discouraged if you can't find that pair right off the rack. You might find jeans that are just right, except maybe the inseam is a little too long or the waist needs to be taken in a bit. Those are easy fixes, and any tailoring service should be able to help you out. Alterations like that aren't expensive, though it's a good investment regardless. Some stores, like Nordstrom or J. Crew, will even do alterations in-house. The end result will be a pair of jeans that fits you to a tee and flatters your figure -- and most importantly, makes you feel like a million bucks.

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