How to tie a double windsor knot

The double Windsor is one of the most complicated tie knots to tie. Because of its size, when tied correctly, it completely covers the top button of the shirt [source:]. You may need to practice in front of a mirror before you get it down pat.

  1. Drape the necktie around your neck with the broad part hanging down much longer than the narrow part. These instructions assume that the long (broad) end is on your left. If you prefer it on your right, simply reverse the directions.
  2. Cross the broad part of the tie to the right over the narrow part, creating a "V."
  3. Hold the two parts of the tie in place with two fingers. (Use your non-dominant hand, so your dominant hand is free for tying the knot.)
  4. Lift the broad end of the tie behind the "V" and pull it back out the front of the "V" on the right side of the intersection.
  5. Pull to slightly tighten.
  6. Repeat step number four, except this time pull the broad end of the tie out the front of the "V" on the left side. This second wrapping should partially overlap the first. You now have a symmetrical triangular-shaped knot.
  7. Pull tight to ensure there is no gap between the two wrappings Otherwise the tie will slip into the gap.
  8. Wrap the broad end of the tie (to the left) all the way around the back of the unfinished knot, holding open a loop over the fingers that are holding the intersection in place.
  9. Pull the broad end of the tie up through the back of the "V" and then down through the loop.

Your double Windsor knot is complete. Now hold the narrow end in place as you slide the knot up to your collar to adjust your tie.


Note: If you are taller than 6 feet 3 inches (191 centimeters) or have a very wide neck, you may need to buy an extra-long tie in order to have enough tie-length to wear a tie tied in a double Windsor knot [source:].