5 Ways to get Your Partner to do More Around the House


Trade Dishes for Dirty Socks

If your husband would trade cooking a meal for washing the dishes, let him. Or maybe you'd rather wash the dirty socks than dish up gourmet fare. Co-habitation with another human being (especially the male version) requires a lot of compromise, and household chores are no exception. In the end, it simply makes sense that if you're a real stickler about the keeping the bedroom clutter-free, it should be your job to make the bed and organize the bedside reading material. Especially if your partner couldn't care less about slipping his toes between neatly tucked-in sheets every night. On the other hand, it may be really important to him to hang his shirts with great care. So it only makes sense that this chore is assigned under the "his" column.

Dividing the household chores based on personal preference is one way to approach it. Another approach is to determine what you hate the least. If it comes down to vacuuming or dusting, and dust bunnies are the lesser of two evils (at least in your book), volunteer to give them a clean sweep and let your partner run the vacuum. Whatever the logic behind your divisions, trading chores can make life easier and more orderly. And if you both hate housework, you'll especially like our next strategy.