5 Things You Should Know: Single Dads

You Should Leave Time for You

Remember how difficult it was to think of taking the time to sit down and coming up with 28 different meals? Yes, there are tremendous demands on your time; work, kids, dating, life in general -- all of these things can keep you away from time with yourself. You should actively work to find time to spend alone, or, if you prefer company, to do things that you enjoy with others.

Try to set aside some money to splurge on babysitters once in awhile. You should also ask around to find the most trusted child care providers; ask friends and family who they use. Keep a list of sitters handy in case your first choice on the list isn't available. When your poker buddies call to ask you to sit in as a fourth or you feel like getting in a round of golf by yourself, you'll have the money and the babysitter to relieve you for a little while.

If you feel pangs of guilt at the thought of leaving your kids, remember this: There's little benefit to be found in the wisdom or guidance of a frazzled single dad. Take time out to recharge your batteries -- for you and your kids.