5 Things You Need to Know: Bonding With Grandparents


Bonding through Sharing Activities

Although a visit from the grandparents can be a time for sightseeing or special goings-on, even simple activities can help strengthen their bond with the grandkids. Maybe the children could use some help on their homework or advice on a school project. And the grandparents would probably love a school tour or a chance to see a Little League practice. Leisurely walks, cooking collaborations, trips to the creek; these can all provide some special time for grandparents and grandchildren to connect.

Starting a new bond with a teenager can sometimes be more of a challenge, but with a little patience, there are ways to find common ground. Older kids might prefer an activity like spending time at the mall with their grandparents to show them what type of music or clothing they are into (also a helpful diversion in that it may decrease the chances of receiving a garish wool in the mail at Christmas!). Or maybe they just need someone to listen, hear about what's troubling them or act as a sounding board.