10 Careers for Power Moms



You could do a lot worse than to found a successful restaurant.
You could do a lot worse than to found a successful restaurant.
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There is little stopping a power mom from going all out. We've mentioned a few career tracks that can be extended into the realm of self-employment, like freelancing. What about starting a new business?

In the U.S., there are a number of organizations, both governmental and private, that are dedicated to nurturing business ownership among women. The U.S. Small Business Administration maintains an Office of Women's Business Ownership department that serves as a clearinghouse for grants, advice and aid for female business owners.

A good business requires smart planning. Spend a bit of time and money learning how to properly write business plans, or tap a fellow power mom who freelances as a technical writer. Tap another who's an accountant to help you come up with a realistic estimate of how much money you'll need to borrow. The SBA advises that you borrow enough to cover all start-up costs (like equipment or building out a retail space), plus enough to cover a full year of operating costs. This includes a salary for the business owner and all employees, plus what the business will need in supplies and to keep the lights on.

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