Ultimate Guide to Potty-Training

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Potty training is a developmental skill your child cannot master until he is physically and mentally ready, however anxious you may be to have a "grown-up" child and be through with diapers. Actually, the process of potty training is perhaps more properly called potty learning, since your child teaches himself. Your part is to provide the setting and materials, a description of the methods used, and the necessary encouragement.

Among parents who keep close track of such events and brag a bit, the age at which their children were potty trained is almost as important as the age at which they slept through the night. Some studies show the average child is usually potty trained at about 30 months, but comparing your child with another is a waste of time; the differences among children in mastering this skill are vast. Girls are usually potty trained before boys of the same age, but a boy may be trained at age two and a girl not until age four.