10 Tips for Handling Tantrums on Vacation

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A tantrum is embarrassing when it happens in public. It can be downright mortifying, having your child flip out on a Maui beach or at the edge of the Grand Canyon. Everyone's looking at you.

That's the point, though: They're looking at you, not at your freaking-out child, and that's seldom because they think only bad parents' kids throw tantrums. It's because it's how you deal with the tantrum that counts. If you start freaking out right alongside your child, that's when those people start judging you.

It also only makes the tantrum worse, since yelling tends to beget more yelling, and you're showing you're child that when frustration strikes the appropriate reaction is to lose control.

On vacation or at home, the best way to react is with calmness. Speak quietly when you speak, be gentle and stay in control of your emotions. Your child will pick up on your collected state. And if there are any parents among your fellow vacationers, they'll applaud you.

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