10 Things Tweens Actually *Like* To Do After School


Read a Good Book

Unwinding by reading for pleasure isn't something only adults like to do. Reading is an active activity, meaning the brain is fully engaged while tweens are scanning pages and following a plotline.

Whether your kid finds it relaxing or stimulating -- or even an escape -- the fact remains that reading is good for us!

In fact, the quality of one's reading skills determines how she will perform in school, according to the Child Development Institute. Encourage this great habit by getting your tween a library card, especially if her school doesn't have an extensive collection of the genre she prefers, whether that's mystery, science-fiction or biography.

You can also turn her love for reading into an opportunity to bond with your tween. Take time together to discuss the books she's reading. What does she like about the stories? What is she learning? These discussions could be an opportunity for you to share what you're reading, too. This dialogue is a great way to connect.