10 Forts to Build With Kids

Playhouse Fort
Combine traditional kids' forts with other play elements. Patrick Heagney/Getty Images

The coolest forts on the block combine play set and hideout into one outdoor element. Construct a simple wooden platform to support your structure – the fort itself may be closed in or simply a raised area were kids can gaze out over their domain – then determine how many fun ways you can add to access the fort. Consider cargo nets, rope ladders, rope swings, monkey bars or mini-rock walls that stretch to the ground. Add to the excitement with a slide, fireman's pole or even a mini zipline that let kids make quick escapes from the fort during play. Increase the wow factor by tailoring your fort playset to your child's interests – taking on the form of a pirate ship, submarine or castle for your little bucaneers, knights or princesses.

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