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Honoring Our Troops

No need for a special occasion to host this party! Just gather family and friends for a chance to socialize and wrap presents for troops overseas.

The U.S. Pentagon no longer lets you wrap a care package and mail it to "Any Service Member," so you'll want to coordinate with designated nonprofits like the Billy Blanks Foundation or Adopt a Platoon to help you select and send appropriate items. And there are plenty of options! You can send books to individual soldiers who have requested specific titles, or adopt an entire platoon and send snacks, toiletries, games, clothes and more.

First, buy wrapping paper, scotch tape, ribbon, a greeting card for each present, shipping boxes and packing tape. With your party invitation, identify the specific item you want that guest to bring, but don't tell them why! As guests arrive, they'll be delighted to learn where their present is going. Have enough tables so that everyone can sit, wrap and write their notes. It's a good mixer for guests who don't know each other well, since the shared activity promotes unity.

You might serve an Americana meal like meatloaf and mashed potatoes on military-inspired plates. Decorate your home with military posters and inspirational photos you find on the Internet.

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