5 Fun Event Ideas You've Never Thought Of


Who Am I?

The ultimate icebreaker, "Who Am I?" offers guests a fun way to get to know each other and costs you next to nothing!

Before your event, buy name tags, but instead of writing the actual names of your guests on them, you'll write the names of famous people. As guests arrive, place the name tags on their backs. No one will know "who they are" and as they mix and mingle, they ask questions of each other attempting to determine the identity on their name tags: "Am I female?" "Am I notorious?" "Am I famous in the present, or was I famous in the past?"

"Who Am I?" enlivens any event, but you can also incorporate it into another theme. At an election year party, make all the name tags names of politicians from past and present and decorate your party space with campaign posters. On or close to Oscar night, the names can be famous actors, with a d├ęcor of movie posters. Add to the theme by naming your dishes accordingly. The election party can feature "Barack Obeef," "Clinton Chicken" or "Bushetta"; for the Oscar theme, dish up "French Depp Sandwich," "Fonda Fondue," and a "Jack Lemmon Meringue Pie."