How to Make Kids' Shoes

Snazzy Sneaker Set

Add stars to your shoes.
Add stars to your shoes.

Stars shine when you add them to your favorite pair of sneakers. In this wearable craft, learn how to add make a snazzy sneaker set.

How to Make a Snazzy Sneaker Set

What You Need:

  • White sneakers
  • 26 red puffy stars, 3/4-inch each
  • 27 blue puffy stars, 3/4-inch each
  • White painter’s cap
  • Glittering silver dimensional paint
  • 2 (size H) wood circles, 3/4-inch each
  • White acrylic paint
  • 2 earring backs

Step 1: Plan how to arrange five red and six blue stars on one shoe according to the finished photos. Apply glue (use low temperature) to back of each star, and place on shoe. Align and glue together two red puffy stars back to back just above the end of one shoelace, sandwiching shoelace between the stars.

Repeat with two blue puffy stars for the other end of the shoelace. Repeat for second shoe. Similarly position and glue ten blue and eleven red stars on painter’s cap.

Step 2: Squeeze-paint three glittering silver rays shooting out from each star on shoes and painter’s cap. Let paint dry.

Let paint dry completely before wearing. Let paint dry completely before wearing.
Let paint dry completely before wearing.

Step 3: For earring, paint wood circle with two coats of white paint. Let paint dry between coats. Apply glue to back of blue puffy star and place on wood circle. Apply glue to center back of wood circle and place earring back into glue. Repeat to make second earring with red puffy star.

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