How to Make Girls' Hair Wraps

You'll have a great time making these hair wraps with your friends.

Hair wrapping is a really fun thing girls can do when they get together. Hip Hopping Hair Wrapping is a girls' hair wrap project perfect for slumber parties. Girls can choose their favorite colors and express their style in five easy steps with this wearable craft.



What You'll Need:

  • 1 yard of each color of floss you want to use (we used 2 colors)


How to Make Hip Hopping Hair Wrapping:

Step 1: Take a small section of hair (about the width of a penny) from behind the ear along the hairline. Holding both colors together, tie a double knot with the floss around the hair strand. Keep the knot as close to the scalp as possible.

Holding both colors together, tie knot around hair.

Step 2: Split the colors apart. Hold one color and the short ends of floss together with the hair strand.


Step 3: Circle the other long end of floss around behind the strand. Pull the long end of the floss through the loop you just formed. Tighten the knot. This is the wrapping technique.

Loop one color behind, then pull floss through.

Step 4: Continue with one color until you are ready to switch colors. Place the first color of floss you used along the hair strand, and pick up the second color of floss.

Step 5: Continue to wrap, loop, and tighten knots. Switch colors as often or as seldom as you want! When you are finished wrapping, tie off the ends of the floss and trim the tails.

Continue to wrap with second color.

Option: To add a bead, be sure the bead has a large enough hole to slide onto the hair strand. Use a 6-inch length of bead wire folded in half. Place the bead over the folded end.

Thread the hair and the floss through the folded end of the wire and push the bead onto the hair. Pull the bottom of the strand through the bead, and place the bead below the wrapping. Continue wrapping the hair strand with floss.

Thread a bead onto hair strand for extra style.


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