Easy Nail Art for Kids

Time on Your Hands Nail Art
Have time on your hands with this nail art.
Have time on your hands with this nail art.
Put time on your hands in four steps.

Clocks get colorful with this time on your hands nail design. Time will fly while you create this fun, easy nail art.

How to create the time on your hands nail art design:

Step 1: Paint each nail a different color. Let dry.

Step 2: Using black paint and a toothpick, add four dots on the nail. Place one dot at 12:00, the next at 3:00, the next at 6:00, and the last at 9:00.

Step 3: Using red paint, paint two lines to represent the hands of the clock. Paint one line longer than the other, just like a real hour hand and minute hand. Add arrows at the ends of the lines.

Step 4: Add a small gem at the spot where the two hands touch in the center of the clock.

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