How to Decorate Kids' T-Shirts

Kids will love the Spiral T-shirt.
Kids will love the Spiral T-shirt.

Every kid has a favorite T-shirt. With the T-shirt decorating crafts in this article, kids can now have favorite T-shirts they decorated themselves.

These kids' T-shirt decorating ideas include a mix of styles, from tie-dye patterns bursting with color to nature-inspired designs you can make from the leaves in your own back yard.


Each decorating idea includes a list of needed materials and easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. With a little practice, it won't be long until you've learned how to decorate kids' T-shirts.

Get started on these great wearable art craft projects with the links below:

Tees Please T-Shirt

This cool T-shirt decorating idea uses images of kids' favorite things -- cars, animals, and flowers -- to make a personalized design.

Around the House T-Shirt

With this T-shirt idea, you'll use house paint to add color to a plain white T-shirt.

Tie-Dye T-Shirt

Follow simple, step-by-step instructions to create a colorful classic T-shirt design.

Trivia Challenge T-Shirt

Hammered Leaf Prints T-Shirt

Learn how to decorate a T-shirt using this cool leaf printing technique.

Batik T-Shirt

Try this T-shirt decorating technique to transform a plain white T-shirt into a colorful and beautiful treasure.

In the Mist T-Shirt

This T-shirt decorating idea combines leaves with transparent paint mist -- resulting in a lovely, forest-inspired creation.

Native American Feather T-Shirt

Feathers combine with paint and buttons to create this cool T-shirt decorating idea.

Spiral T-Shirt

This colorful T-shirt decorating idea involves a fun, hands-on technique kids will love trying.

Making a Splash T-Shirt

Have a favorite photo? With this T-shirt decorating idea, you can frame that photo -- on a T-shirt -- with a cool wave frame.

Cutting and pasting take on a whole new meaning with the kids' T-shirt decorating idea in the next section. Keep reading to learn about the tees, please T-shirt.

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