Sunshine Activities

Try making your own solar-powered oven.
Try making your own solar-powered oven.
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Sunshine activities for kids introduces them to the fascinating capabilities of the sun.

The sun is extremely powerful. In addition to lighting and heating the Earth, it is responsible for powering countless functions and processes of endless living things. It's not just a source of light, it's a source of life.


Give kids these fascinating sunshine activities to do, and watch them learn more about the natural world. Once you start on one activity, they'll find it hard to stop.

Solar Prints

Make fascinating prints using only the sun -- a perfect activity for the budding photographer.

Make a Sundial Activity

See how our early ancestors told time without watches -- and with surprising accuracy.

Homemade Thermometer Activity

Kids can make their own thermometers and compare their readings with those taken from a local newspaper or newscast.

Fun in the Sun Activity

It's easy for kids to construct a simple sundial with everyday items.

Gas Expansion Activity

Learn how heat affects gases in this illuminating experiment.

Sun Tea Activity

All these activities in the sun are bound to make kids thirsty, so they'll be happy to do this one.

Solar-Powered Oven Activity

Try this solar-powered oven activity and see how it stacks up against the oven in the house.

Read on and learn to make graphic creations with the power of the sun!

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