Summer Holiday Activities

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If It Rains Game Activity

The if it rains game activity is so much fun, kids may not want to wait for the next downpour to play it again!

Don't worry if the sun is hiding on summer solstice -- you can still invite your friends over for a great time. If it rains, that just means there will be lots of umbrellas around to play this fun game.


What You'll Need:

  • Rubber-tipped child's umbrella
  • Ping-Pong balls

All kids will need is an open umbrella, set upside down on a bare floor. (A carpeted area will not work for this game.) Each player is given a Ping-Pong ball and must stand 5 feet from the umbrella.

One at a time, players try to bounce their ball once before it lands in the umbrella. A player scores 1 point for each ball that stays without bouncing out again.

Be sure to use an umbrella with rubber-tipped spines so no one gets poked!

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