Summer Holiday Activities

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You'll have a patriotic good time making Uncle Sam's hat.
You'll have a patriotic good time making Uncle Sam's hat.
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School's out, and these summer holiday activities for kids are in! Summer is an exciting time for kids: All of a sudden they've got nothing but free time. The down side, of course, is that quite often kids will run out of things to do pretty quickly.

But don't fret: There's plenty to do, and here are just a few summer holiday activities that kids will love!


So turn off the television and get your kids moving with these summer holiday activities.

Sculptures of Ice Activity

Cool off and have some fun with this sculptures of ice activity.

Icy Animal Wagon

Ice cream and summer go hand in hand, especially in this tasty activity.

If It Rains Game Activity

Kids may be stuck inside on a rainy day, but they'll still enjoy themselves with this fun indoor game.

Uncle Sam's Hat

Show your pride on Independence Day with this colorful Uncle Sam's hat. It's easy to make and fun to do with friends!

Goddess of Liberty Crown

Celebrate Independence Day with a goddess of liberty crown. Find out how to make this summer holiday craft.

Carve a chilly delight in our first activity -- find out how on the next page.

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