Shadow Fun Activities


Sundial shadow fun activity
Sundial shadow fun activity
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Shadow fun activities for kids teach us that as the sun moves throughout the day, so does the shadow it casts. For this summer activity, kids can create a sundial -- a sun clock that tells the time by the position of the shadow.

What You'll Need:

  • Newspaper
  • Colored poster board
  • Blunt scissors
  • Large plastic coffee can lid
  • Plaster of paris
  • Markers

How to Make Sundial:

Step 1: Cover your work surface with newspaper. Cut a triangle from colored poster board.

Step 2: Mix the plaster of paris according to package directions. Carefully pour the plaster into the plastic coffee can lid.

Step 3: Stand the triangle up in the plaster. Let the plaster dry.

Step 4: Use your sundial to tell the time. Take the sundial outside early on a sunny day. Place it where the sun will hit it all day.

Step 5: Every hour on the hour, make a mark at the shadow of the triangle. Write the hour on the plaster. Once you've marked off the hours, keep your sundial in the same spot so you can tell the time on sunny days.

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