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Personal Shadow Clock

Personal Shadow Clock shadow fun activity
Personal Shadow Clock shadow fun activity
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In this shadow fun activity, become a human clock and tell time with your own shadow. The personal shadow clock is a summer activity that will help kids track those long hours spent outside.

What You'll Need:

  • Chalk, rocks or sticks
  • Watch
  • Permanent marker

How to Make Personal Shadow Clock:

Step 1: Find a sunny spot outside to make the clock. Choose a place for the center of your clock.

Step 2: If you are making your clock on a patio or concrete area, mark the center with chalk. If your clock will be on a lawn or dirt area, use a rock or insert a stick in the ground to mark the center.

Step 3: To make the hour markings, go outside every hour, on the hour, and stand on the center of your clock. Then make a mark on the ground where the tip of your shadow hits.

Step 4: You can make the hour markings in the same way you marked the center, using a rock, chalk, or a stick inserted in the ground. But this time, you'll need to label the time, too!

Step 5: Write the hour number on concrete with chalk or use a permanent marker to write the hour on a rock or stick.

Step 6: After the clock is made, you can return to it at any time on another day, stand in the center, and determine the time of day by noting where the tip of your shadow lands.

In the next shadow fun activity, track time with shadows using a slightly different method.

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