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Science Experiments for Kids

Mirrors and Reflections

Test reflections with these mirror experiments.
Test reflections with these mirror experiments.
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Mirrors and and reflections of light are magical and fascinating. Here are several science experiments for kids that you can perform to discover more about mirrors and the reflections they can produce.

What You'll Need:

  • Cardboard
  • Comb
  • Tape
  • Flashlight
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Mirror
  • 2 small rectangular mirrors
  • Small object

Experiment 1: Reflecting Angle

Step 1: Cut a 1-inch hole in a piece of cardboard.


Step 2: Tape a comb over the hole.

Step 3: Hold the cardboard upright in a darkened room, and set the flashlight behind it so it shines through the hole.

Step 4: Hold a mirror in front of the hole to capture the reflection.

Step 5: Turn the mirror to investigate how it reflects light at exactly the same angle as the light hits the mirror.

Experiment 2: Reflected Writing

Step 1: Write something backward on a piece of paper.

Step 2: Hold the paper in front of a mirror. Your backward message will read forward in the mirror!

Experiment 3: Dual Reflections

Step 1: Tape two small mirrors together on one side to form a right angle.

Step 2: Set the mirrors on their sides, and place a small object between them. You will be able to see many sides of the object in the mirrors.

Step 3: Move the mirrors closer together and farther apart and observe what happens to the images.

You can also try placing the mirrors (untaped) facing each other with the object between them to see an endless reflection.

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