Camping Activities for Kids

Learn to build an authentic Native American home in the Build a Tepee activity.
Learn to build an authentic Native American home in the Build a Tepee activity.

Camping Activities for Kids are a great way to get the whole family involved in your next camping adventure. Teach kids to build fires safely, build tents, make cooking utensils, and much more.

You'll even get great ideas about how to creating a backwoods camping experience in your own backyard. Get your kids excited about spending time in the great outdoors with camping activities for kids.

On the following pages, you'll learn great camping activities that your kids will love.

Build a Tepee

Teach your kids to build an authentic Native American Tepee, and let them sleep in it on your next camping trip. Find out how to build a tepee.

Fire Building

Follow these easy instructions to teach your kids the right way to build a fire. Get great fire safety tips and easy-to-follow instructions.

Let's Have a Cookout!

Get the whole family involved in outdoor cooking on your next camping adventure. Learn this camping activity for kids.

Camping In

If you can't leave town, you can still go camping when you're Camping In. Read about how to create this experience.

Camp Cooking Gadgets

You don't need a lot of expensive equipment to make a great meal outdoors. Find out how to make Camp Cooking Gadgets with your kids.

Easy Tent

Build an Easy Tent with your kids at your campsite, in your backyard, or in your living room. Have fun with this camping activity.

Teach your kids how to build a tepee so that they can learn how Native Americans lived. Find out how on the next page.

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