Activities with Rocks and Stones

Rockhounder's Scavenger Hunt

For a more geological rock activity, go on a Rockhounder's Scavenger Hunt. Learn all about rocks in this activity for kids.

What You'll Need:

  • List of local rocks and descriptions
  • Paper bags
  • Markers
  • Partners

How to Do Rockhounder's Scavenger Hunt:

Rockhounds are people always on the prowl for new kinds of rocks. Become a quick expert on your area's most common rocks with this hunt.

Step 1: Ask your local librarian for books on rocks common to your hometown. Make a list of those rocks -- including descriptions of them -- and make photocopies while you're at the library.

Step 2: Once you get that list home, give it to your friends along with ordinary brown paper bags.

Step 3: Now team up in pairs and head out to find as many of those ordinary rocks as you can. The team with the most rocks gets to talk about their adventure first.

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