Activities with Rocks and Stones

Rock Garden rock and stone activity
Rock Garden rock and stone activity
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Activities with rocks and stones for kids are more active than they sound. In fact, these summer activities will have you moving all over the place!

Kids can go on a scavenger hunt, learn more about the properties of rocks, or use stones to decorate a garden. These kids' activities will prove that rocks do indeed rock.

To have some rock-solid summer activity fun, follow these links:

Moon Rock Relay

Find out who can make the fastest moon journey in this activity.

Rockhounder's Scavenger Hunt

Go on a hunt for rocks in this summer activity for future geologic explorers.


Split rocks to see what's inside in this rock activity.

Step On It Rock Path

In this rock activity, the rocks are made for walking.

Rock Garden

The garden in this summer activity will last all year long.

Get ready to race on rocks in the first activity, a Moon Rock Relay!

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